about cdk creative

about cdk creative

CDK Creative is the dream it, do it, run it shop of Riff Raft Enterprises. Founded by Michael Clark, Jackie Dotson and Jerry Kennedy, we design and develop products and services that help artisan entrepreneurs create, craft and manage their business.

Meet Jackie, Jerry and Michael…


Michael Clark, Co-Founder

Michael is a musician, entrepreneur, ramen enthusiast and designer. He’s been in the biz 23 years.

“While the mechanics of modern marketing are fascinating, I’ve found that so many small business entrepreneurs struggle with so many different parts of the craft. I decided to become proficient at all the design and development stuff so I could spend more time learning about you, your business, your market, and your audience. So I can help most effectively bridge the gaps that separate you from reaching them,” Michael says.

Michael enjoys espresso, red wine and Chinese food. He lives with his wife Jessica and their cat in Sacramento, CA.

Michael says, “if you really want the 411, give me a call or text me at 916-538-1792″.

Chat with Michael on Twitter: @thinman


Jackie Dotson, Co-Founder

I have an insatiable interest in business, specifically how to responsibly use business to make the world better. I love helping people deal with change and I like challenging old systems and developing modern solutions to problems.

Twenty years ago, I worked in a family business, where we all worked together running a small restaurant. This is where I got my start in mediating arguments between workers and also learned how to talk to angry customers.

After my restaurant years, I went into psychology, getting my Master’s in Clinical Social Work from NYU in 1999 and spent many years working in hospitals, clinics and emergency rooms as well as private practice. Two years ago, I began to shift my focus towards using my psychology skills to help people build and run their businesses, because I found I enjoyed doing things more than talking about doing things.

I co-host a weekly podcast with Jerry called “The Powder Keg of Awesome” where he and I riff on how to make stuff go in the world. Taking action is key and every week we get together and interview people all over the world who are making stuff go and changing the world. Recently, we’ve interviewed Guy Kawasaki & Peter Buffett.

Passions: traveling, wine, live music, dining out, skiing, watching sports, time with friends, technology, writing, reading, throwing ideas around and asking questions. I am a triathlete and runner because I don’t think sitting on your butt all day is good for you. I’ve seen Elvis Costello in concert ten times.

I am a Myers-Briggs “ENTJ” type, which basically means I get mad at Jerry & Mike when they show up late to stuff. I am not a code-geek and only know the word “widget”, so on the team it’s my job to provide business psychology services, manage the projects, the people, the marketing and keep the wine glasses filled.

Chat with Jackie on Twitter: @jackiedotson


Jerry Kennedy, Co-Founder

Jerry comes to CDK Creative with an extensive background in acting, writing, sales and building websites. The world according to Jerry…

“I’m pretty opinionated. I don’t think that’s a bad thing; in fact, I embrace it. Really. I even include it in my bio sometimes, usually preceded by the word “outrageously”. And if you don’t believe me, just ask my friends…or anyone who’s ever met me, for that matter.”

“I love ideas. I think ideas are what make life fun. I love having ideas, and I love sharing them even more (see #1). I love hearing other people’s ideas, too, especially the brilliant ones. I love it when my ideas have sex with other people’s ideas (you can blame Matt Ridley for giving me that phrase to play with), and my ideas are pretty promiscuous. They also refuse to practice safe sex, so don’t be surprised if our ideas get together, have loads of idea sex, and spawn lots of tiny new baby ideas.”

Jerry enjoys karaoke, acting, Mountain Dew, and his Blackberry. Jerry lives in Sacramento, CA with his girlfriend.

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