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business badassery

cdk creative business badasseryVisionary entrepreneurs really thrive when there’s folks on the team who can take in the sweeping scope of their vision, grasp it, build it and make it go.


We totally get that. And that’s an executive suite spot in which we excel.


And with all the baddasery you bring to the world, sometimes it’s hard to keep your head on straight. We can help with that. No, really. We can. Our business behavioral specialist has her degree and certifications in psychology.  So we can help you get things sorted out.


All the storycrafty, platformy goodness won’t mean much when you lose your mind because you can’t find your keys, or fire everyone in a fit of rage because you can’t find your keys. Our custom business behavioral services are tailored to serve the specific emotional health of you, your partners, and your organization.


And what about processes? None of it matters much if the processes intended to make stuff go actually stop things dead. We’ve got an exclusive relationship with a topflight organizational management consultant who’s helped entrepreneurs identify the right things that need to be solved and then engineering, implementing, and managing the solutions to resolve them.