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Sharks Don’t Jump

Sharks Don’t Jump

Don’t confuse outrage with jealousy. Outrage is just a virulent disgust. There’s no secret motive. No epic struggle. No myth. No mystery. Jealousy presumes someone’s envious. Covetous. And it is also the height of narcissistic egotistical arrogance. On both sides. Poachers, plagiarists, pretenders all claim that people who call them out and/or question them are… Continue Reading

The World According to Snark

The World According To Snark In this cynical, media-saturated circus we play in, there are few things that tickle me more than The Art of Snark. Yes, I said it: Snark. And Art. Sharing the same phrase. It works for me; done well, it’s a wonderful literary device. “If your Snark be a Snark, that… Continue Reading