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Don’t Touch That Buffalo!

Are they offering you “promises” in exchange for changing your policies and procedures? If so, what are the promises offered? Are they telling you they cannot pay you your usual and customary rate but the “opportunity” of being able to work on this project and the “exposure” that will come from it will make up for any income lost? Run from this buffalo as fast as you can, as it is diseased and likely very delusional. When someone has a genuine opportunity, they do not use it as leverage to get free work from others. Continue Reading

Carpetbomb Marketing

Carpetbombing, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: 1)to drop large numbers of bombs so as to cause uniform devastation over a given area. 2) to bombard repeatedly, widely, or excessively. Although I’ve fortunately never been a victim of carpetbombing in the combat sense, I find myself carpetbombed on a daily basis on the internet, particularly… Continue Reading

Addicted to the Red Line

Being in business is often exhilarating, the rush of creating something new, managing risk, dealing with uncertainty. The downside to exhilaration is that it is very easy to become addicted to it and you may find yourself creating crises in your day-to-day tasks in order to recreate that rush. When you have your own business,… Continue Reading

Think Big. Succeed Small.

In recent years, the “think big” movement hit fever pitch. Fueled by motivational speakers, easy-to-obtain credit and “law of attraction” practitioners, the idea that one needs to “think big” in order to succeed morphed into the feel-good monster that it is today. As with most movements that morph into monsters that cannot be controlled, the… Continue Reading