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Sharks Don’t Jump

Sharks Don’t Jump

Don’t confuse outrage with jealousy. Outrage is just a virulent disgust. There’s no secret motive. No epic struggle. No myth. No mystery. Jealousy presumes someone’s envious. Covetous. And it is also the height of narcissistic egotistical arrogance. On both sides. Poachers, plagiarists, pretenders all claim that people who call them out and/or question them are… Continue Reading

Missing Missives

I really miss missives. People used to take time to make thoughtful letters. Funny, sad, instructive. When it took some effort in the doing, people spent time getting it right. You’d think with all the trouble folks seem to have crafting a good email marketing campaign, the effort would make them take care to make something decent. But I’m not talking about email marketing. I’m talking about missives. I’m rusty, I’ll get better, and I’m trying… Continue Reading

Think Big. Succeed Small.

In recent years, the “think big” movement hit fever pitch. Fueled by motivational speakers, easy-to-obtain credit and “law of attraction” practitioners, the idea that one needs to “think big” in order to succeed morphed into the feel-good monster that it is today. As with most movements that morph into monsters that cannot be controlled, the… Continue Reading

Eyes Too Big

When I was a little kid, the older folks – nearly ALL of them – had a saying they’d lay on me whenever I tried to impress at a gathering by piling food in heaps upon my plate, trying to express my maturity by emulating the appetites of the adults and the bigger kids, “Mmm… Continue Reading