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Missing Missives

missives won't break your mailbox. maybe dent a lil' bit...
missives won’t break your mailbox. maybe dent a lil’ bit…

When I was in my middling 20’s, I enjoyed a wonderful extended correspondence with a family friend. She had nice flowy handwriting. Absolutely beautiful penmanship. Masterful command of language. Gorgeous turns of phrase. Incredible warmth and wit…

What I miss most? Her insights and her voice. I loved those missives. I miss them.  I miss letters that people would share with each other to instruct, to catch up, or to simply story. I want to do a little something to bring ’em back. So I’ve enlisted the aid of my cohorts (they just don’t know it yet; shhh… it’s a surprise…they LOVE it when I ambush them with shit like this…). Instead of a sales newsletter or anything like that, putting out a medium-length occasional is what we’d do. Not entirely random, hopefully somewhat relevant, completely at your leisure. In your inbox, or browse the archives (the extensive annals of which contain a whopping ONE letter).

And I’d love your input, too. That’s why I chose tinyletter: simple, clean, easy and social. You can reply. Just like mail. UNlike email marketing. Don’t get me wrong, we’re email marketing ninjas; that’s just not what this is about.

Well, that’s the long and short of it. If you’re so inclined, come check out our Three Egg Scramble (links to our letter archives) and see if it’s something you’d like to partake of. Partake in? Well as you can see, command of language may not be a hallmark of the effort…

 WTF is a “missive”?

“A missive usually refers to the old-school style of hand-written communication on paper (remember that?), but these days you also might hear an email called a missive, too. No matter how you deliver it, a missive is a message.” ~ from Vocabulary.com’s dictionary
[ok. back to the story]

For you brave souls who want to just cut to the chase and get busy with it already, you can sign up for Three Egg Scramble right here. We promise: no smarmy sales, no spam, and only occasional flashes of coherence.

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