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The Powder Keg of Awesome – Featured Episode – Erika Napoletano

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Woo Hoo! Today was “red day” at the Powder Keg of Awesome and by red we don’t mean communists or red wine. Oh wait, we always mean red wine around here. Anyway, today the “red” stands for our special guest, Erika Napoletano, aka “Redhead Writing”.

Jackie holding The Power of Unpopular.
Jackie holding The Power of Unpopular.

As per usual, we riffed on all kinds of stuff today, including Erika’s new book “The Power of Unpopular”, about how, when you are trying to build a business, (or anything really), you need to be unpopular. In other words, the people who don’t love you are never going to love you, so don’t try to win them over. Brilliant advice I must say.

We also talked with Erika about her new manifesto “The Shattering”, some amazing shit about how it’s important to not ask “what happened?” but “what’s happening?” in order to learn more about ourselves and live in purpose instead of in fear.

Erika shared with us her journey, where, she says, “I spent 17 years living someone else’s shoulds” and how she came to live the life that was right for her.

If you don’t like what you see, change it and quit your bitching! – Erika

So, despite some technical problems in the very beginning of the show, we had a great time talking with Erika and look forward to continuing the conversation in the near future.

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