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Powder Keg Podcast: Francisco Dao

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Today, we got to meet Francisco Dao. Francisco is the founder of 50Kings, a private community for technology and media innovators. He is a former leadership columnist for Inc.com, a lifelong entrepreneur, author, and former stand-up comic.

We recently learned about Francisco from our producer, Michael Clark. He linked to a PandoDaily article and from there we were hooked. Francisco writes every Tuesday and Thursday for PandoDaily. The best part about his columns is that they are not news articles or how-to missives. He describes his posts as, “satire, humor and thought exercises”.

He says his goal in life is “to meet and hang out with smart people”, which, coincidentally, is one of our goals on this podcast. Time spent with smart people is time well-spent.

Francisco asked an important question. He said, instead of asking “what would you do if you could not fail?” the better question is to ask, if I give you, say $50,000 a year to do whatever you wanted, “what would you want to do?”

So join us as we riff with Francisco about Thoreau, thinkers, doers and the reality of not having all the answers.

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