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Put Down the Glue Stick and Go Do It!

Go Make Something.
Yes, you.
I’m talking to you, over there, with the big ideas.
Yes, you, the one standing there wanting to do something.
But not doing it.
Instead you’re thinking of taking a class or getting a “credential” first.

Which is not the same as doing the work.
There are enough reasons out there not to make something.
Stop giving in to them.

There are enough experts out there encouraging you to not make something (yes, really).
They’re actually there to stop you from making stuff (yes, really).
Because they don’t profit from your success.
They profit from your repeat business, and to get it you need to keep needing them…by not taking actual action.

They make it seem like they want you do take action, and they do, on their terms. They really want you to fatten their wallets by getting you to invest in busywork such as:
– joining their “exclusive” membership programs
– “Visualizing” what you want and making “dream boards” so you can (magically) “attract” this to you.

"If you can dream it, you can do it..." Good. So put down the glue stick and go do it.
“If you can dream it, you can do it…” Good. So put down the glue stick and go do it.

This bullshit busywork is designed to make you feel like you’re moving forward but you are really just running in place. It’s an expensive way to get ready to get ready to be ready. Stop it. Stop getting sidetracked by making collages and joining “pay to play” groups.

You need to get in the room with right people? Go do the research and legwork (yes, I said WORK) that is necessary to finding the right people. Don’t think that paying to play in some overpriced “membership program” is going to put you in touch with *your* people. Instead of ending up with the right people, you’ll just find yourself in the room with other people who have one thing in common: you all wrote the same size check to get into the room. This is not an effective way to find the right people.

Making collages is something children do in kindergarten. Don’t think that pasting pictures of things you want on a board will bring you success. Sure, it can be a relaxing just-for-fun activity, but it won’t build your business. If you want success, you will need to roll up your sleeves and actually work. You graduated kindergarten years ago. Put away your crayons, scissors, glue and go do some grown up work.

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