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WTF is Business Behavioral?

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“So much PRESSURE!”

In our inaugural article about Business Behavioral issues, Jackie, Jerry, and Michael riff about archetypes and challenges familiar to most folks trying to keep their heads on fairly straight while running their businesses.

Read through these and see if any have ever applied to you or someone you know. Love to hear what you’ve got to say. Share in the comments section below.

The Grind

Say what? A successful entrepreneur got up one day and said, “ugh I just wanna punch a clock and collect a check…no more innovating, no more “art”…no more deciding, no more grind. She didn’t quit her passion, it felt like the passion quit her…

The Love/Hate

One partner looks at his co-founder and thinks, “he’s on my last nerve and he has stupid hair”. A solo-preneur spends more time social media boosting everyone else’s efforts than she does marketing her own. It’s a love/hate relationship…

Launch-itis, (aka the aversion to shipping)

You have an idea and you’re gung-ho about it. You decide to get help: hiring a designer, developer, consultant, etc. You meet someone you click with and it’s time to get started delivering that grand vision. Then something mysterious happens…

Your developer asks you for the retainer. You stall in paying it. Your developer asks you for photos, domain names, copy and you don’t send it. You ask for logos and designs and they are never “quite right”. You find you want to spend more time polishing the project than getting it out there. You’re late getting stuff in, so you feel justified in blaming the developer for being late with the turnaround. Why is that?

Resistance. The closer we come to bringing something into fruition, the more we stall, second guess, feel the fear, get nervous, and start looking for something else to do. All of a sudden, you get “busy” (a crisis erupts, house, kids, pets, etc). You find time to work on anything and everything except the important business project that you’re trying to launch.

This is where business behavioral consulting comes in. Don’t go it alone. Get help to overcome the problems that arise for you in the context of your business, which simultaneously threaten your success, such as: unresolved conflict with business partners, dealing with problem employees, coping with your own resistance, and help you get better at getting things done.

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    • Thank you for your encouraging comment. You’re not alone. Far from it. We all try to put our best foot forward, and rightly so. Some of us (like Jerry, Jackie, and I) say, ‘Here we are, worts and all.’ – M

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